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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Men's Pride Clinic MITA TOKYO (hereinafter referred to as "the Clinic") always operates from the patient's point of view, aiming to realize high quality medical care and provide better services.
In order to provide prompt and accurate medical care according to the patient's health condition, we need a variety of medical information about the patient.
The clinic manages medical information in accordance with the following basic policy and pays strict attention to the protection of patients' personal information.
The clinic complies with laws, regulations, and related guidelines concerning the protection of personal information, and has established in-house rules and regulations based on these laws and regulations to manage patient information. We also check from time to time to ensure that there are no problems with the protection of personal information, and are continually striving for improvement.
The clinic collects personal information from patients to the extent necessary for medical treatment and hospital administration. We are always available to explain the extent of the necessary information, which may require medical or professional judgment.

Physician Confidentiality

The law pertaining to patient confidentiality, to which our clinic's physicians are also subject, is Article 134 of the Criminal Code.
Penal Code, Article 134, Section 1.
If a physician, pharmacist, drug distributor, midwife, lawyer, defense attorney, notary public, or any person in any of these positions divulges, without justifiable cause, any secret of a person which has come to his knowledge in the course of his duties, he shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding six months or with a fine not exceeding one hundred thousand yen."

The above article prohibits the disclosure of medical or personal information disclosed by patients or revealed in the course of medical treatment to third parties without just cause, and is an enforceable law with penalties under the Penal Code. The clinic strictly complies with this law and strictly manages patients' personal information.

Provision of Physician's Confidential Personal Information to Third Parties

The Clinic will not disclose or provide personal information obtained from patients to third parties.
However, the following cases are excluded

When the person in question consents
In the event of a request from a public agency, such as the police or a court of law, etc.
When the law applies
When it is necessary for the protection of life and body, and when it is difficult to obtain the consent of the person in question

Disclosure and correction of personal information

If a patient requests disclosure, correction, or deletion of his or her own information, the Clinic will comply with the request to the extent possible after making an individual judgment as to the reasons why the disclosure, correction, or deletion is necessary.