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online medical care

Nationwide coverage! Advantages of Online Medical Care

Receive medical care over the phone at a time and place convenient to you

No travel time or travel costs are incurred because online medical care is provided over the phone.

Medical treatment on the phone so you don't have to worry about what people around you think

We are able to treat and prescribe medicine without meeting other patients because we treat patients over the phone.

We will ship your medication immediately after the examination.

We will prescribe the treatment in the hospital and we will deliver the medication to your home.

Online medical care is available nationwide

We are able to provide nationwide coverage because we can complete the entire process from consultation to prescription over the phone.

*We will respond to requests for privacy, such as shipping under the director's name to a location other than your home.

Flow of Online Medical Treatment

STEP1 Please contact us using the online medical application form or by phone

Online Medical Application Form

STEP2 Medical treatment and prescription by phone

Based on the medical questionnaire, we will confirm the patient's condition and prescribe the medicine.
The clinic will call you at the date and time of your choice. A doctor will prescribe medication after examining you over the phone.

STEP3 Shipping of medication

It is possible to ship to a location other than your home, or to specify a sender name other than the clinic's name (such as the name of the director or other individual).

About the Clinic

Men's Pride Clinic MITA TOKYO is an ED/AGA clinic located 1 minute walk from Mita Station and 2 minutes walk from Tamachi Station. Feel free to visit us on your lunch break or after work. Our specialized doctors will quickly propose a treatment method that is right for you. Our male staff will be happy to help you, so please feel free to visit us.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Medical Services

Q:What are the delivery charges?
A:We usually ship by Letter Pack Light (370 yen) or Letter Pack (570 yen). If you prefer other shipping methods, please contact us. In addition, if you register as a friend on LINE,Free standard shipping when you spend 10,000 yen or more on medicationsto be a friend of ours. Please register as a friend!

add a friend

Scan the QR code to register as a friend

Q:What are the other costs besides the cost of the medication?
A:The consultation (initial and follow-up) is free of charge, so there is no cost other than the cost of the medication.

Q:Can I specify the delivery address?
A:Of course it is possible. Please let our staff know your preferred delivery address.

Q:I don't want people to know that the delivery is from the clinic.
A:It can also be sent in the name of the director or other individual.

Q:How many days will it take to receive my medication?
A:We ship the day after your consultation, so it usually takes 2-4 days to arrive.