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ED treatment

What is ED?

ED is generally thought of as the inability to get an erection, and since "Erectile Dysfunction" is translated in English as "erectile dysfunction" or "erectile dysfunction," it is often thought of as a complete lack of erection.

In fact, since the disease refers to "loss of erectile function," it can also be treated in cases of unsatisfactory erection, such as "I sometimes have trouble getting an erection" or "I am anxious about being able to get an erection.

The key criterion is "whether the patient can maintain an erection enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse.

About ED Treatment

What types of ED medications are available? When should I use them? We receive inquiries and consultations such as "What are the different types of ED drugs?

Since ED drugs have different effects depending on duration, active ingredients, and diet, we will prescribe the appropriate drug according to lifestyle and individual differences.

Some ED drugs are also strongly recommended for infertility treatment (Japanese Society for Reproductive Medicine guidelines).

Please feel free to contact us.

Examination by a male doctor

The examination rooms are private rooms for your privacy. During the examination, please feel free to ask any questions or concerns you may have. Questions to visitors will be kept to a minimum.

In-hospital prescriptions with no waiting time

Please call or fill out the online medical application form before coming to the clinic. We will prescribe the medicine in the hospital in as little as 5 minutes without making you wait.

Medication fee only

At Men's Pride Clinic MITA TOKYO, the only cost is the cost of the medication since it is prescribed in-house. We offer genuine domestic ED drugs at reasonable pricing.

Reliable for those who work

We are open until 20:00 on weekdays and Saturdays so that you can visit us after work.

Flow of Visiting Clinic

STEP1 Contact us by phone or application form

Please contact us by phone or online medical application form.
Online Medical Application Form

STEP2 Reception and filling out the medical questionnaire

Please fill out the medical questionnaire in the waiting room after you speak to the reception staff. (If you have made an appointment through the online medical application form, you do not need to fill out the medical questionnaire.)
Insurance card is not required for free treatment. (The medical fee is included in the cost of your medication.)

STEP3 Examination by a medical specialist

The examination rooms are private rooms for your privacy. During the examination, please feel free to ask any questions or concerns you may have. Questions to visitors will be kept to a minimum.

STEP4 Prescribing in the hospital

We will prescribe the medication in the hospital. Medications are also delivered in the hospital, so there is no need to pick them up at an off-site pharmacy. Payment can be made in cash, by credit card (one-time payment only), or by IC card or QR code.
*Payment for online medical services can be made by bank transfer or credit card (VISA and Master).

online medical care

You can receive medical care by phone or smartphone without having to visit the clinic.
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ED drug

ViagraDomestic brand-name drugs 25mg 1 tablet 1,300 yen
50mg 1 tablet 1,500 yen
ViagraDomestic Generic 25mg 1 tablet 800 yen
50mg 1 tablet 950 yen
ViagraGenuine overseas generic products 100mg 1 tablet 1,000 yen
levitraDomestic Generic 10mg 1 tablet 1,300 yen
20mg 1 tablet 1,600 yen
levitraGenuine overseas generic products 10mg 1 tablet 900 yen
20mg 1 tablet 1,300 yen
CialisDomestic brand-name drugs 10mg 1 tablet 1,800 yen
20 mg 1 tablet 2,000 yen
CialisDomestic Generic 10mg 1 tablet 1,200 yen
20mg 1 tablet 1,400 yen
CialisGenuine overseas generic products 20mg 1 tablet 800 yen
avanafilauthorized overseas goods 100mg 1 tablet 1,200 yen
200mg 1 tablet 1,400 yen
100mg + premature ejaculation prevention agent 1 tablet 1,700 yen
udenafilGenuine overseas generic products 100mg 1 tablet 700 yen
dapoxetinedrug to prevent premature ejaculation 60mg 1 tablet 500 yen
etizolamtranquilizer 0.5mg 1 tablet 50 yen
DHEAsupplement 90 tablets 4,980 yen